All Star Teams

Traditional All-Star Cheer is Our orignial program that has achieved countless awards including 2015 NCA Champion! A 12 month program, our all-star teams make up a traditional all-star cheerleading program for boys and girls ages 7-19 years old.  Teams practice 3 times per week....WITH 1.5 HOURS PER WEEK OF DEDICATED TUMBLING INSTRUCTION INCLUDED in monthly tuition! Intergating tumbling allows our athletes to perfect their technique of skills reguired for their current team while having an opportunity to continue to develop new skills!  Our dedicated tumbling staff works hand-in-hand with our cheer coaches to ensure that each athlete is working through proper prgressions to develop skills that can be used within the routine and mastering skills which are reguired for each level All-Star teams attend local, regional and national competitions.  Teams range from beginner to advanced. Ages: 7-18. ​​
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